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10 Breathtaking homes of 2024 loved by LuxeDigest

Curated by Luxedigest, these 10 gorgeous abodes leave us in a state of awe. From the charm and opulence of Delhi’s swanky houses to humble abodes surrounded by nature, these homes have it all.

Explore the most stunning residences of 2024, ready to ignite your design inspiration. From the enchanting abode of Tripura’s princess to the captivating and luxurious home of a couple in Delhi, these home designs are poised to evoke awe and wonder.

A 115-Year-Old Colonial Bungalow In Coonoor

Pavitra Rajaram, a designer, collaborated with her husband Paul Abraham in the meticulous restoration of a 115-year-old bungalow. Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Coonoor, their dream home, named Nenagh, draws inspiration from an old Irish fort town. Surrounded by a picturesque garden, meticulously tended to by the couple and landscapist Zakeer Zackaria, Nenagh blooms with soft pink azaleas, deep purple melastoma, vibrant red roses, fragrant orange alstroemerias, and more.

Abundant natural light bathes the house, courtesy of expansive windows and skylights. The home preserves the authentic flooring and roof, along with three original fireplaces. Drawing inspiration from Pavitra’s affection for Dar-Es-Salaam on Nigeen Lake in Srinagar, the decor is a testament to this influence. A sunroom adorned with custom toile upholstery, cushions crafted from repurposed fabrics, an elegant Italian ceramic platter, and a distinctive metal chandelier create an ideal setting for birdwatching.

Connected to the sunroom, the library boasts an atrium-like structure, flanked by bedrooms on either side. Serving a dual purpose, the dining room transforms into a conservatory, featuring a centrally placed wood-carved dining table and chairs. Two graceful glass chandeliers hang above, while the space is adorned with an array of potted plants, Tanjore glass paintings, and charming topiaries. The house is a vibrant tapestry of colors, patterns, and textures, with decor elements ranging from Iranian-inspired wallpapers to playful Chinese bobbing head dolls.

A Mosaic And Glass Home In Delhi’s Golf Links

In the opulent neighborhood of Golf Links in Delhi stands a residence that could easily be a miniature version of Rapunzel’s tower. The exterior of Maharani Baug residence is meticulously crafted from clay bricks. Conceived by Madhu and Naresh, a journalist and heart surgeon recently relocated from New York City, their dream home was brought to life by Luxedigest100 architect Shonan Purie Trehan and Luxedigest100 interior designer Loulou Van Damme. Inside, the house comes to life with playful artistry and vivid designs, painting a vibrant and enchanting picture.

The interiors of the home welcome you through a wooden door adorned with inscriptions. The bedroom is awash in soothing shades of lavender, with a captivating bay window gracing one corner, serving as a focal point. A generously sized writer’s room within the house boasts a sweeping desk that gracefully follows the arching walls, offering green arch windows that frame views of ancestral trees. The living room is adorned with luxurious burgundy Edra sofas, complemented by hand-painted murals on the ceiling and an antique French chandelier. A cozy breakfast nook, positioned to face the east bay window overlooking the golf course, features an aqua light set within intricate blue plasterwork. The entire house is thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs and desires of the couple who call it home.

A Modernist Manse In Lima, Peru

Bettina Iolas, a resident of Lima, Peru, found the prevailing aesthetic in the region to be a light and modern style, often dominated by 50 shades of white on the walls. Eager to infuse her home with color and vibrancy, she sought the expertise of Carlos Mota to metamorphose a minimalist mansion into a vibrant maximalist haven.

The entrance floor, with its sleek black flooring, sets the stage for the lively living area where three bedrooms were merged into a single dynamic space. Throughout the house, hues of yellow, blue, green, and purple splash across the decor. Each room boasts ornate carpets adorned with diverse patterns and designs. The bedrooms showcase sizable beds flanked by nightstands, adorned with eclectic-styled lamps suspended above. Vivid wallpapers, boasting patterns and textures, adorn the walls throughout the house.

The terrace of the house is enveloped in a refreshing mint green hue, with a vintage wicker sofa commanding attention as the central piece, flanked by rattan chairs on either side. Abundant lush green plants adorn the terrace, creating a verdant and inviting atmosphere. The house effortlessly harmonizes a myriad of aesthetics, seamlessly blending diverse styles into a cohesive and appealing whole.

A 100-year-old Restored Home In Colaba

Divya Thakur, a professional designer, experienced love at first sight with her current Colaba residence, overlooking its initial state of disrepair. Undeterred, she embarked on the restoration of the 100-year-old Colaba building, transforming it into a stunning and captivating home.

Her home’s design aesthetic is a harmonious fusion; she skillfully blends Victorian, Gothic, Indo-Saracenic, Art Deco, and tropical modern influences. Each room unfolds a unique narrative, with meticulously curated pieces that align with her creative vision. The lavish residence encompasses three bedrooms, a living room, a family lounge, an open kitchen, a dining area, and a terrace garden.

In the living room, century-old cement tiles pave the way, while iron-cast balconies add a touch of vintage charm. Blush pink textured walls define her bedroom, complemented by an ensuite bathroom adorned in shades of terracotta. The walk-in closet boasts wooden details, including a charming chair sourced from the streets of Chor Bazaar in Mumbai. The all-teak kitchen boasts a skylight that bathes the space in natural light. The lounge showcases a custom-made plank coffee table, and the dining area is adorned with a glass chandelier, offering expansive views of the Taj through a large glass window.

A Rustic Farmhouse In Delhi

Nestled within the verdant landscapes of Green Avenue in Delhi, an exquisite farmhouse, surrounded by flourishing gardens, resembles a scene from a fairytale, especially during the enchanting mornings of early spring. This charming retreat is the property of Ruchika Sachdeva, the creative force behind Bodice, and has been meticulously designed to serve as a tranquil haven for weekend getaways.

Adorned in a gentle shade of yellow, the farmhouse is adorned with wooden furnishings. The surrounding lush garden features a quaint picnic table, providing an ideal setting for entertaining guests. Positioned at the heart of the living room is a Naga coffee table, embraced by a cream couch on one side and a red loveseat on the other. A charming bookcase, sourced from an antique store in Kochi, graces one corner of the room. The dining area seamlessly extends from the living room.

Adorned with an abundance of plants and art decor, the dining area is anchored by a central Phantom Hands dining table. Sachdeva’s bedroom features an artwork sourced from Galleryske positioned above a light wood bed, while a bamboo vase adds a touch of elegance to one of the bedside tables. Nestled within the lush property, a dedicated work studio offers an uninterrupted zone for productivity. A wooden dresser graces the right side of the room. This captivating home aspires to be a true embodiment of its residents.

Villa Uma In Alibaug

Blending sustainability with style, Villa Uma in Alibaug is enveloped by nature on all sides. Crafted around four existing mango trees on its one-acre plot, the house was designed by architect Samuel Barclay, co-founder of the Mumbai-based AD100 firm Case Design. The villa features a striking 65-foot black gateau forest pool outside, serving as its focal point and main attraction.

Expansive wooden doors unveil a verdant living room, while a parallel door connects the dining room seamlessly to the outdoors. The house embraces modern and sleek decor to elevate its interiors. A warm, earthy brown rug graces the corridors and staircases throughout the residence. Abundant open and wide windows furnish the home, ensuring a wealth of natural air and sunlight.

A Jor Bagh Home In Delhi

Crafted and owned by DeMuro Das and Brian DeMuro, this Delhi residence proudly showcases a New York-style aesthetic. The interior of the 2,700-square-foot home underwent a comprehensive redesign to cater to the specific needs of its residents. Every piece of furniture in the house is meticulously handcrafted by Das and DeMuro.

The expansive living room is artfully divided into multiple sections, with one area featuring an artwork by Julien Segard adorning the wall. This space is adorned with a wooden bookshelf and a beige rug resting on the light wood-tiled floor. Another corner showcases DeMuro Das’s Corbu cabinet. In a first-floor bedroom, floor-to-ceiling covered bookshelves grace the walls. The dining area is adorned with artwork by Harendra Kushwaha, with the Athena Collection dining table and chairs resting atop a stylish grey rug.

The terrace on the second floor has been enclosed to function as a seating area. Multiple coffee tables are arranged in front of the sofa, with the house predominantly adorned with light wood flooring and matching wall paneling.

A Los Angeles Home Rooted In Indian Tradition

Renowned TV actor, celebrated for her role in “Never Have I Ever,” Poorna Jagannathan brings touches of India to her Los Angeles home. The U-shaped house is adorned with lush greenery, and an attached courtyard adds to the charm. Hema Persad spearheaded the renovation and redecoration of her cherished residence.

For Poorna Jagannathan and her husband, creating a home they truly loved and cherished was paramount, giving birth to their vision for the house. Minister green tiles adorned the redecorated kitchen, while a custom mural featuring a Kerala houseboat graced one side of the living room. The living room featured a yellow ochre couch, complemented by an armchair and cushions from CB2. A cluster of dark wood coffee tables centered the seating area, showcasing the house’s playful exploration of various colors and textures.

Isla’s Ridge, A Guesthouse In Kodaikanal

Isla Maria Van Damme has constructed a five-room guesthouse in her hometown. Focused on establishing a profound connection to her place of birth, she erected this guesthouse in the foothills of the Western Ghats, nestled in the lower regions of Panali Hills. Resembling a colonial bungalow, the guesthouse boasts white exteriors adorned with expansive and inviting verandas.

The rooms feature French windows that present breathtaking views of the valleys. Dusty rose-colored curtains and linens infuse a rustic charm throughout. Beneath a large ficus tree on the paved terrace of the guesthouse, a traditional charpoy invites guests to relax and enjoy panoramic views.

Adorned with spacious and cozy sofas, the living area exudes a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. A central coffee table anchors the space, flanked by two elegant wood and glass bookshelves. Providing warmth during colder months, an antique iron cat fireplace stands as a charming focal point. Adjacent to the living area, an antique dining room creates a seamless transition. The kitchen opens up to an herb garden, enhancing the culinary experience with fresh and aromatic ingredients.

Princess of Tripura’s Opulent Residence In Delhi

This luxurious Delhi residence is truly regal, befitting royalty. The occupant of this opulent home is none other than the princess of Tripura, Reeta Dev Varma. After a fire incident in December 2022, the princess enlisted the services of AD100 designer Adil Ahmad to redesign her Delhi home.

The entrance to her home is marked by an electric blue door, preceded by a protective black door adorned with snakes on either side. The generous entrance lobby is painted in a soothing shade of celadon, with metal lanterns suspended from the ceiling. Serigraphs by Charlie Mackesy grace the walls on either side, adding a touch of artistic elegance.

The focal point of the dining room is a wrought-iron dining table, crowned by a majestic metal and crystal chandelier suspended above. Connecting the dining room to the living area is a loveseat. The living room is adorned with a diverse array of colors and patterns, with florals maintaining a prominent theme throughout the splendid home. An antique mirror graces the living room, hanging above the fireplace. The bedroom is bathed in ample natural light, featuring chairs and a bed set designed by Janice Croft.

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